Pure Black Rose: The Essence of Beauty

The Essence of Beautiful Dear Beautiful, I know a simple lie will suit you the best But to be honest, why would I tie you a tie will I know you do not have a suit to match They say ‘nobody is perfect’ But in my perfect frame of mind I’m trying to embrace all […]

Pure Black Rose: Yvonne Mwale

“Nakumbuka ulipotarajia kunioa, uliniletea sifa nyingi nyumbani” – Yvonne Mwale

‘The 4 Eyes Segment’ with Mimi Marley

‘The 4 Eyes Segment’ with Mimi Marley

Here is our first session of ‘The 4 Eyes Segement’ with Mimi Marley. 


You can follow her on twitter: @mimimarley_

Pure Black RoseGrace Matata says UTANIFAA

It takes a character for a Black Rose to ask a man, will you suit me, WILL YOU REALLY SUIT ME!? Guess who else is back for the 4th time around? None other than, Pure Black Rose and M Lab Soul Sensation Grace Matata

The Never Ending Battle

The Never Ending Battle

The figures that we are chasing are not matching the sorrow cause by the disappearance of a FATHER FIGURE But the presence of a WOMAN called a MOTHER in an image of a father with no figures is what made us Brothas and not Niggers So go figure, The image on the Mirror in the morning Is […]

Pure Black Rose: Be Inspired, Inspire Others.

I woke up with a smiling face today, the weather is just beautiful and the universe seemed to be having a wonderful equilibrium. I felt inspired so i wrote a poem about how hip hop changed, i named it ‘Dear Love, What Happened?’ Later on, i decided to grab my camera and go out just […]

Pure Black Rose Rising Like A Phonex From The Ashes

  Most of the time a lot of children found themselves caught in a strange predicament, and start blaming parents for their upbringing. It has happened quite often that even a father of a child turns on the left and starts blaming a mother hence leave her alone to raise the child that took two […]