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An Epitome of Hope.

It is scientifically proven that it takes 47 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile. I wonder why still take ‘Smile’ for granted. 🙂

Unless you are an orphan then you will realise its value and its true worth. Everyday is taken as it comes, and yes tomorrow is not promised and whatever it brings is embraced with both hands.
Even during the times where the options are minimal, and as an individual you are forced to fall in  box containing a strange predicament of either taking boiled cassava or millet porridge, you will still find heads are held up high and smiles to hide tears.

Simple things in life are priceless,   and that starts with a simple ‘smile’ that might offer a drop hope and a spoon of courage that will help others endure day to day tribulations.

A smile is a light. Referring to that why wasting precious time cursing darkness when you are bless to light a candle?
Offer smiles, offer a broadest smile of all, a smile to this group. If you can help to transform a smile from those well craved lips into one broad smile that will grant a hope to life, a glimmering light that will be meaningful to the life of the orphans, then you shall offer be blessed.

Last Sunday on 6th May, we were blessed to spend a day with the children at Light In Africa Orphanage Center. It was a blessing to us more cause through their eyes and smiles we able to reflect and realized what we have and that all the complaints and the cries of how miserable and hard the life is, is nothing comparing to what these children are facing.

Its not that all these children lost their parents, some of them where abandoned just because of a certain sickness and could not walk or talk like other children. A good-helpful soul had decided to help them by giving them food, shelter, clothing, medical treatments and even educating them. Honestly It is difficult as there are more than 90 children and of different age.
Some can not even help themselves, some children are suffering from HIV/AIDS, some cerebral palsy, brain damage and down syndrome, some are albinos that have run away from their home because there being hunt down for witch craft believes.

To help raise a little money to help the children, she has open up a store that sells cultural products and also a small cultural restaurant which has a very delicious african dishes. The visitors can also get a place to stay when they volunteer to be with these children with a very small fee.

Please feel free to visit these children and offer your help. Visit their website www.lightinafrica.org  for more information.



Fear a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil,pain, etc., whether the threat

is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Ever asked your self, what is your greatest fear? I received a lot of answers towards this question, some say God, some to loose a loved one, some death, some sin, some failures etc. Every body has their own fear and they vary from each person. Most of the things we fear don’t even come to pass and others don’t exist we simply make them in our minds.

Part of Brain dealing with Fear

Part of Brain dealing with Fear

Well I read this words from Marianne Williamson and she has a different perspective of people’s fear.

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I Had A Dream!

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed that women were treated as queens. Their children performed their duties effectively.   Husbands stopped beating their wives and cheating on them instead they shower them with love, care and tenderness. Their family said thank you for all the care and the Love that their mother gave them that day.

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When All is Lost…. Got to Rise!


 She woke up in tears and pain not sure what had just happened is a dream or truth. She wished it was a dream that way she would pinch herself out of it. Sadly it wasn’t, everything just happened was the complete reality. Her marriage that was built-in 10 years have just been destroyed in a matter of second.

Life has a way of hitting a person so hard. She was only 10 when her sister died and she was left with the task of raising her sister’s girl. Though it was hard, she was filled with hopes and dreams for the better future. She was 21 years when she met this amazing man who give her joy and shared her promise of future. She loved this man so much, she even changed what she believed in her whole life and became a Christian just so they wouldn’t complicate their life. The man ain’t so older than she.

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Our Pure Black Roses

Our Pure Black Roses

Our Pure Black Roses

A woman is a blessing, a woman is blessed as she is able to bring a new being in this world, she is the mother, she inspires, she brings joy, happiness, laughter, pain, hope, peace and even tears at times.
She can make or break her own family. In most cases, whether knowingly or unknowingly women have been the reason for their family’s failure or success. The words they use towards their children have been the source of the children’s success or failures.

Women in most cases have been the ones raising the family while fathers are out there working to provide for the family. They oversee what the children do and monitor them closely. Every mother has a way of raising their children considering what she was taught or how she was raised or even how she sees fit. This in one way or the other has affected the way the children grow.

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The Never Ending Battle

The figures that we are chasing are not matching the sorrow cause by the disappearance of a FATHER FIGURE

But the presence of a WOMAN called a MOTHER in an image of a father with no figures

is what made us Brothas and not Niggers

So go figure,

The image on the Mirror in the morning

Is it the reflection of the beautiful soul that’s mourning?


It’s just the image of the invisible evil that’s growing.?

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Letting Go……


I hate the way it feels every time I remember those words, to think that one day we were madly in love with each other.  Until today it still is a dream, I try so hard to let that be a past but the pain and memories won’t let me. I remember how you would hold me and tell me that you love me; how I meant a world to you, I never thought that would end… I never wanted it to. But then you said you love me no more and that marked the end.

Every day I wish you would call and say it was all a mistake and let’s start over again but that’s just a way of keeping me in one piece. I don’t blame you for all that happened, I don’t even hate you, I can’t do that am just glad you were honest although I know there is more to the story but then am sure you kept that to yourself so wouldn’t hurt my feelings at least those few you spared.

Inside I’m dead; I don’t know how to keep calm and collected. I don’t even know how to trust again. I never thought I was this sensitive and that I allow rejection or heartbreak to take me down but then Love is like falling down… in the end you’re left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.  It’s about time I let it go no matter how hard it is, I have to pack and move on, if I was a singer I would sing and cry my eyes out in front of the crowd and it would be all over when am done. But I can’t, I have to pretend am happy like nothing happened because that’s the right thing to do.

I made a choice to finally let go, because I can’t stand the pain, it’s time for my last tear to fall and smile again.

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Pure Black Rose: The Essence of Beauty

The Essence of Beautiful

Dear Beautiful,

I know a simple lie will suit you the best

But to be honest, why would I tie you a tie will I know you do not have a suit to match

They say ‘nobody is perfect’

But in my perfect frame of mind

I’m trying to embrace all your imperfections perfectly

Instantly, taking a moment to praise the most regarding his fine creation of your body as a whole

Honestly, I don’t even pay attention to your body or how’s your jeans fitting

Even though I kinda like how the package is wrapped

But I’m lost in your beauty and not your booty Continue Reading »

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Pure Black Rose: Yvonne Mwale

“Nakumbuka ulipotarajia kunioa, uliniletea sifa nyingi nyumbani” – Yvonne Mwale

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‘The 4 Eyes Segment’ with Mimi Marley

'The 4 Eyes Segment' with Mimi Marley

‘The 4 Eyes Segment’ with Mimi Marley

Here is our first session of ‘The 4 Eyes Segement’ with Mimi Marley. 


You can follow her on twitter: @mimimarley_

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Pure Black RoseGrace Matata says UTANIFAA

It takes a character for a Black Rose to ask a man, will you suit me, WILL YOU REALLY SUIT ME!?

Guess who else is back for the 4th time around? None other than, Pure Black Rose and M Lab Soul Sensation Grace Matata Continue Reading »

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I wonder!

I have always wondered why, you find a woman in so much pain because of the man she is dating. This man makes her cry, physically abuse her, and sometimes he is even cheating on her and the woman knows that but that lady won’t leave him. She will stick to him even if they are not married yet neither do they have a child together. This has always gave me a great question and so I decided to ask around and see what women think.

I came across several answers, here are a list of them: Continue Reading »