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Pure Black Rose: The Essence of Beauty

The Essence of Beautiful

Dear Beautiful,

I know a simple lie will suit you the best

But to be honest, why would I tie you a tie will I know you do not have a suit to match

They say ‘nobody is perfect’

But in my perfect frame of mind

I’m trying to embrace all your imperfections perfectly

Instantly, taking a moment to praise the most regarding his fine creation of your body as a whole

Honestly, I don’t even pay attention to your body or how’s your jeans fitting

Even though I kinda like how the package is wrapped

But I’m lost in your beauty and not your booty

Your eloquent form of speech and how you stand in form

Plus all those hand gestures that reflect your train of thought

I just can’t help it but jumping a band wagon

And not a band wagon of those who are trying to preach about the thing they’ll do to you

Or the material things they’ll buy you

But in wagon of us two

So we’ll converse for hours as I want to learn a lot from you

Like to understand how other girls prefer to use the word ‘bad bitch’ as a reflection of their beauty and achievements

Or as a stand out in a community that considered under achievers of strange predicament

Personally, I don’t find that attractive cause I know a man has desires to have a woman or a lady


A woman of elegance gets nothing but reverence

And in a reference I can name a few but your name will top the list in a chronological order ‘cause you’re my preference

And I know each of us got their own sense of taste in fashion

My senses feel your natural hair and the styles you invent

And I don’t intent to stress

But on the real I’m not the ‘I hate the weave type’

‘Cause I still believe your brain holds content that’s constructive

And your tone is rather illustrative than arrogance

Even when you say ‘the toilet seat should always be down’

I know, I know we forget that a lot

But so as women forget that make-ups were never meant to transform rather enhance

And not a tool to hide your problem rather a chance

A chance to make your inner beauty glow

Glow and show a smile of purity that will bring joy to you and those around you


So the next time you look yourself in a mirror

I want you to see the real beauty that shines through

And realize the essence of beauty that is pure and true

The beauty that is YOU.


Twitter: @dannytheson


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