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Pure Black Rose: Yvonne Mwale

“Nakumbuka ulipotarajia kunioa, uliniletea sifa nyingi nyumbani” – Yvonne Mwale

The name Yvonne Mwale has been gaining demographics and the wide spread in Tanzania over the last couple of month.  She secured a collaboration opportunity with the prolific East African emcee known as Fid Q in their song called ‘Sihitaji Marafiki’.  Her ability to blend a soulful voice with jazz element is a key point in her music carrer. 

Yvonne Mwale hails from Zambia but over the years she has managed to be performing in Tanzania and she’s also under the Caravan Music Label that is owned by Mzungu Kichaa who is also residing in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Her previous records were all sang in her native languages of Zambia, but with the latest releases of Sihitaji Marafiki where she just did a hook and the second single from her ‘Kalamatila’ album that was released earlier this year on Caravan Records, she has shown her talent in singing in Swahili.

Here’s her brand new video ‘Familia Yangu’ 

Yvonne Mwale

Title: Familia Yangu

Album: Kalamatila (2012)

Label: Caravan Records

Director: Matthias Krämer

Yvonne Mwale doing her live set at The Beat Festival in Dar-es-salaam. Enjoy 

You can follow her on twitter here: http://twitter.com/yvonnemwale

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/YvonneMwaleMusic or visit http://www.yvonnemwale.com.

Support your own by buying her album on iTunes  http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/yvonne-mwale/


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