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An Epitome of Hope.

It is scientifically proven that it takes 47 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile. I wonder why still take ‘Smile’ for granted. 🙂

Unless you are an orphan then you will realise its value and its true worth. Everyday is taken as it comes, and yes tomorrow is not promised and whatever it brings is embraced with both hands.
Even during the times where the options are minimal, and as an individual you are forced to fall in  box containing a strange predicament of either taking boiled cassava or millet porridge, you will still find heads are held up high and smiles to hide tears.

Simple things in life are priceless,   and that starts with a simple ‘smile’ that might offer a drop hope and a spoon of courage that will help others endure day to day tribulations.

A smile is a light. Referring to that why wasting precious time cursing darkness when you are bless to light a candle?
Offer smiles, offer a broadest smile of all, a smile to this group. If you can help to transform a smile from those well craved lips into one broad smile that will grant a hope to life, a glimmering light that will be meaningful to the life of the orphans, then you shall offer be blessed.

Last Sunday on 6th May, we were blessed to spend a day with the children at Light In Africa Orphanage Center. It was a blessing to us more cause through their eyes and smiles we able to reflect and realized what we have and that all the complaints and the cries of how miserable and hard the life is, is nothing comparing to what these children are facing.

Its not that all these children lost their parents, some of them where abandoned just because of a certain sickness and could not walk or talk like other children. A good-helpful soul had decided to help them by giving them food, shelter, clothing, medical treatments and even educating them. Honestly It is difficult as there are more than 90 children and of different age.
Some can not even help themselves, some children are suffering from HIV/AIDS, some cerebral palsy, brain damage and down syndrome, some are albinos that have run away from their home because there being hunt down for witch craft believes.

To help raise a little money to help the children, she has open up a store that sells cultural products and also a small cultural restaurant which has a very delicious african dishes. The visitors can also get a place to stay when they volunteer to be with these children with a very small fee.

Please feel free to visit these children and offer your help. Visit their website www.lightinafrica.org  for more information.


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