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Pure Black RoseGrace Matata says UTANIFAA

It takes a character for a Black Rose to ask a man, will you suit me, WILL YOU REALLY SUIT ME!?

Guess who else is back for the 4th time around? None other than, Pure Black Rose and M Lab Soul Sensation Grace Matata

With time it became so evident that Grace’s music is utterly soul, as she converse direct to your soul, and snatch swiftly words from your mouth and put them into a nicely crooning voice that we all rejoice upon listening.

A lot of her fans were a bit turned down by the wait of her new release, but how would you be turned down when she comes alive with lyrics like:

“Weave me memories through time,
to get me through all seasons,
I’m loving you in and out of time,
for the same ol reason”

And that a testament that her other songs really made us through all seasons and our love has remained all the same despite the wait.

I can not deny, kweli msimu huu amenipata, me being a huge fan of Grace Matata as well as Wyre from Kenya, it was nothing but joy to see those two collaborate, and if you didn’t want that to happen then it’s safe to say ‘Umekwisha Chelewa, umekwisha chelewa’

Just for the record with her new release “UTANIFAA” feat Wyre, Grace Matata celebrates her 4th official release. I t wont hurt if I take you back to memory lane, her 1st release was Nyimbo, a very good song in which she uses Nyimbo as a metaphor for Love.

Her 2nd release was “Nyakati” and honestly “Nyakati” is my favorite song of her’s, from the song text to the instrumentations, it’s just a pure bliss. It even lead the same song to be used by Nikki Mbishi on his critically acclaimed debut album known as “Sauti Ya Jogoo”. Incase you haven’t heard it, here we go.

Her 3rd and most celebrated released track is “Free Soul”

in which I am sure most of y’all are familiar with. I won’t go in depth about it as it’s one of those songs that you got to have it on your playlist. It teaches you about Life, Love, Patience and even to let go of a past.

This time around, she’s back with “UTANIFAA” in which she features Wyre the Love Child. Listen and download the song here, ENJOY! Utanifaa

Grace Matata is an inspiration as well as a Pure Black Rose.


One comment on “Pure Black RoseGrace Matata says UTANIFAA

  1. I like da song..!

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