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I wonder!

I have always wondered why, you find a woman in so much pain because of the man she is dating. This man makes her cry, physically abuse her, and sometimes he is even cheating on her and the woman knows that but that lady won’t leave him. She will stick to him even if they are not married yet neither do they have a child together. This has always gave me a great question and so I decided to ask around and see what women think.

I came across several answers, here are a list of them:

  1. The woman depends on the man financially to the extent that no matter what the man does she has to stick to him for the help. This might be the fact that the girl comes from a very poor family and the man is the one helping them out and probably she has a very low or no education at all. On the other part it could be the girl is just one of those who likes luxury stuffs and on her own she can not afford it and therefore the man gives her the good life.
  2. The woman owes the man a lot, for some of us their boyfriends supported them in schools, supports their families and such kind so they believe they can not detach from them no matter how painful it is as they owe them so much.
  3. Some told me its due to lack of self-confidence and insecurity. The fact that the woman does not believe she is beautiful enough to have any man out there makes her stick to this one.
  4. Some said they are just so in love with the man to the extent that they can’t live without them. Well I asked myself, how did she live before she met him?
  5. Time also came out as a reason. Woman believes that they are limited by time, well am a woman but i don’t think it as that. They can’t move on to the next guy just because their age is past.. well.. maybe their in thirties, some even in mid twenties they say time is passed. What age is the time still on your side? So they have to stick to this man who they believe will marry them and have kids as their “market” in dating world is long over!!
  6. Some women receive threats from their men so they can’t leave in fear of what a man will do.

I went ahead and asked men, and this is what I got:

  1. Women like tough and hard men. When you get easy on them, show them how much you love and care for them they mistreat and take you for granted so to avoid this be rude to them to some extent (insisted on that) and they will always adore you that’s how they consider you a real man.
  2. Also they said it’s because women lies, they don’t express themselves to exactly what they want and thus makes the man do as he pleases.
  3. The woman forgiving behavior, that’s why its easy to forgive for a woman than a man.

Well i wasn’t so satisfied with this so i consulted some psychology materials. It turned out very interesting.

  1. When a girl is growing up the first male feature she sees is her father, so if her father was one way or the other was behaving in a certain way then the girl will end up sticking to the man of that sort.
  2. The other reason is the way a human being is created. The motherly nature a woman has and adding up the pride of being able to turn a bad thing or person to a better one plays a role at a point. So we tend to stick to the hope of making this person a better one someday and that if isn’t successful costs us a lot.

Have any other idea or reason, please drop by and leave a comment.


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