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April 1st

It was Sunday Afternoon on April 1st 2012, my dear friend came home crying her eyes out. I was so scared because i thought may be somebody died. She couldn’t bring herself to say a word other than “How could he do this to me?” After a long 15 minutes of crying and complaints, she started telling her story.She is so found of internet. According to her, she says she learns a lot from internet and also the fact that she meets so many new people and makes new friends every day. One day while browsing three years ago, she met this amazing friend over the Tagged social network. They started communicating and they grew to be very good friends. This friend was a Tanzanian man working abroad.

After several years of chatting and getting to know each other, they found themselves in love with one another. So they arranged a meeting this year on April 1st. She was so exited and happy to hear this. I was so happy for her too. A week before the big day her favorite cousin came up for a visit. He later borrowed Tsh 50,000 from her telling her she will repaying her soon. She didn’t mind as they grew close over the years and were found of each other.

It was Sunday morning, the big day of meeting her long distance boyfriend, she was so excited. She got up early, got everything together as they were planning to spend the whole day. They were to meet up for late breakfast then go swimming as it was a sunny day, then dinner and finish up with the movie. She left her place around 0900 hours and left for her meeting place. Once she got there her friend wasn’t there yet as he told him he will run a little late.

While waiting her cousin showed up looking all good and stuff. She was surprised as to what he was doing there, but later she came to find out her three-year long friend and boyfriend was this man standing in front of her who has been around her all along and is actually her favorite cousin.

Be careful of Cyber friends.


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