When All is Lost…. Got to Rise!


 She woke up in tears and pain not sure what had just happened is a dream or truth. She wished it was a dream that way she would pinch herself out of it. Sadly it wasn’t, everything just happened was the complete reality. Her marriage that was built-in 10 years have just been destroyed in a matter of second.

Life has a way of hitting a person so hard. She was only 10 when her sister died and she was left with the task of raising her sister’s girl. Though it was hard, she was filled with hopes and dreams for the better future. She was 21 years when she met this amazing man who give her joy and shared her promise of future. She loved this man so much, she even changed what she believed in her whole life and became a Christian just so they wouldn’t complicate their life. The man ain’t so older than she.

After being together sharing all the good and the bad life had to offer she got pregnant. She delivered her first baby girl 9 years after they got married. She was only 5 months pregnant with her second girl when her problems began. The man changed, they weren’t one any more. The better half got another one. He started drinking a lot, coming home late and sometimes could sense the presence of other women in her husband’s life. She was brave, didn’t run away because she believed things will work out for the better. She prayed, worked hard, tried to talk and beg her husband to change his ways.

All of a sudden things changed, believing it was an answer to her prayer. The husband started behaving better, coming home earlier and no more alcohols. She was happy that her marriage was going back to normal. Not knowing what was happening, her niece suddenly changed. Her niece suddenly changed, she started misbehaving, improper dressing especially when the wife is not around.

This behaviour of her niece raised a question in her mind.She even consulted advise from her elders and people she could trust but they thought it was impossible what she was thinking could even be true. All they could tell her was be grateful as your husband is yours now.   I guess it’s a woman’s instincts she didn’t really believe that.

She got a week trip and left her home, when she got back she received some very sad news. That child she raised spent nights with her husband in her own matrimonial bed. She couldn’t believe this although she heard from her own children. They were both not at home when she got back, the niece is a form three student and was at school and the husband at work. So she went to her room and found her niece’s clothes the underpants, all over the place as if that was her room. So she went to ask her housemaid and she confirmed that this started long ago but she couldn’t bring herself to tell her.  After asking them they were speechless. She decided to ask the niece to live her house. The home wasn’t the same anymore, they fought a lot with the husband. At last she decided to pack her things and her children and left her marriage.

She spent time at her friend broken into pieces. Well as they say life must go on, after a while she decided to try her life again. She wasn’t much educated, her primary level education wasn’t giving her much options. Luckily she got a job as a cashier somewhere in town. She picked her self up and right now she is a manager a resort. She is doing great with her children going to good school and having a good life.

As for the husband and niece, they stayed together for a while but then the girl wasn’t a one man type so they broke up.  The man lost his job two months after divorcing his wife. He is spending his life on alcohol, lost and miserable. The niece is preparing her wedding to some guy. We don’t really know whats in store for her but they say “what goes around must come back around”. Not that we pray for the worst.


2 comments on “When All is Lost…. Got to Rise!

  1. life is fuckedup these days you never know who is going to bring down, but its true wat goes around comes around. WOMEN!!!!!! U GOT TO BE STRONG!!!!! no matter wat happens we deserve happiness……………..

  2. i always believe God feels the pain we women go thru n knows how to punish those who bring us misery

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