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Our Pure Black Roses

Our Pure Black Roses

Our Pure Black Roses

A woman is a blessing, a woman is blessed as she is able to bring a new being in this world, she is the mother, she inspires, she brings joy, happiness, laughter, pain, hope, peace and even tears at times.
She can make or break her own family. In most cases, whether knowingly or unknowingly women have been the reason for their family’s failure or success. The words they use towards their children have been the source of the children’s success or failures.

Women in most cases have been the ones raising the family while fathers are out there working to provide for the family. They oversee what the children do and monitor them closely. Every mother has a way of raising their children considering what she was taught or how she was raised or even how she sees fit. This in one way or the other has affected the way the children grow.

I happen to come across mothers who call names their children some names which are very bad; some portray behaviors that the society consider worse and some abuse their children and the fact that they endured all those from the early years, it is in one way or the other the determinant factor for the behavior of the child in their future life. Some have even turn out to be more or less what their mothers or society ‘nicknamed’ them when they were growing up.

It’s about time this woman realize that if she has the ability to bring another being in this world, then she has the ability to shape that being into a good or a bad one. Our children need love, care, understanding and support. They need to be tap in the back and be told its okay to make a mistake but you need to learn from it. They need to be taught its okay to get dirty if it brings something positive out of it. Every child has their passion, talent and dreams. It’s about time we look at those dreams, capabilities and passion and nurture them so we will get people with confidence, passion and good at what and who they are. We should always remember every child is unique and special in their own way and thus we should cherish and help them grow in their own better way.


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