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A Cry For Love

From the beginning it is know that a woman has told be a humble, peaceful, loving and a very supporting individual. It has also been solidified in The Good Books, a woman is a reflection of a person who protects a family, a person who has the ability of building or
even destroying her own family.

The current society has altered these beautiful and caring individuals and forced them to turn into a total opposite version. Instead of bringing love, peace and harmony we have seen some bring pain and destruction to society.
The love that was once so treasured has been replaced with money and power. Greediness and evil mentality. The attention has totally shifted; instead of bragging how wonderful their families are; they steadily complain on how bad and weak their husbands are, or how stupid there children are. Basically the focus is on imperfections.

How many times we have heard women wrongly address their children, calling them inappropriate names, cursing and not encouraging or giving them support. Words of encouragement lack and a tap on the shoulder reminding them how great they are is such a rare thing.
Instead of them being supportive and feeling the urge to give advice to their husbands, they become the first to spot the weakness and negativity. Telling them a ‘Can’ is not on the dictionary so everything is ‘Can’t’. They gather in groups to discuss their men and other people’s men rather than brainstorming about business ideas. They completely forgetting that the same men are the ones working hard; 9 to 5 sometimes even over time. It’s a bit discouraging seeing the spouse is constantly focusing on finding ways to intimidate, humiliate and destroy the families.

In a day to day life struggle: a wife is to be a husband’s best friend, his right hand man, a person to tell him that no matter how hard and rough the situation is, he can do it; it’s just a hurdle to be jumped. This has changed from our mothers and the trend is now passed down to the daughters and the future mothers.
The daughters of today and mothers of tomorrow think a man as a source of wealth and success, or as they label them ‘ATM’ but not as a friend, a partner or even a husband. A husband that you can build a life together; and have beautiful happy family. If they won’t satisfy the criteria of an ‘Ideal Black Man’ a man who is wealthy; a man with good car, nice apartment or house and cash to spend; there will be no Love -not that am against that, but my question is ‘Is money the determinant factor of Love?’

The question is why the rapid change? Where did that peace and love gone? Why has that mother turned into a monster to the
extent of killing her own child, or a man that they once so much loved. In retrospect; Are men at any point a reason to this? Maybe I’ll never know.


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