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Pure Black Rose: Be Inspired, Inspire Others.

I woke up with a smiling face today, the weather is just beautiful and the universe seemed to be having a wonderful equilibrium. I felt inspired so i wrote a poem about how hip hop changed, i named it ‘Dear Love, What Happened?’
Later on, i decided to grab my camera and go out just to take picture and connect with the world and mother nature. Before going out i asked myself so which album will i be listening while walking around and taking pictures, then my favorite Jill Scott came in my mind so i decided to play Light Of The Sun from the 1st joint to the last.

Let me nail the coffin, on that particular album theres a poem that Ms. Jill Scott is reciting, i usually find it so powerful and it really reflects all Pure Black Roses out there. he named the poem WOMANIFESTO, here we go

Clearly I am not a fat ass
I am active brain
and lip smacking peach deep
sometimes too aggressive in its honesty
and heart sweet
that loves whole-ly and completely
whom it may choose
whom ever it may choose

I am not gonna lie and pacify
I am arms to hold
I am lips to speak
I am a muthafucking “G”

Strong legs that stroll off the 33 bus
or out of a money green Phantom confortably
Knees that bend to pray
clean from Ajax washings
hair that is thick and soft
Thighs that be-twixt
an amazing all expense grand prize

I am eyes that sing
smile that brightens
touch that rings
and supplies euphoric release
I am a Grand Dame Queen Beast

I am warm 
I am peace
From the roads of Botswana to 23rd Street
From the inside third eye
ever watching this wicked wicked system of things
I do see

I am friend to pen 
and a lover of strong women
A Diamond to men
I am curious and interested like children 
I welcome the wise to teach 
appreciator of my culture
Thick not just from bone dense and eat

I have a rhythm in my ways 
and a practice in my seek
and yes I do crave the rhythm of my space
with a man that rejoices in God’s Grace

with faith I do hear to listen
two hands that fist 
when forced pushes to shove
and your ego won’t submit

I am gifted 
I am all of this 
and indeed the Shit

Clearly I am not just an ass

It was indeed a beautiful day for me, i hope you are having a good one too.

Those are some of the pictures i took, i thought maybe i should just share with y’all beautiful people.

Life is beautiful, keep on smiling 🙂 Love always


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