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A Reason To Say Thank You.

Today i decided to take a ride, visit the mountains and the falls to see the beauty of Africa. For sure Africa is blessed, i keep wondering why the people are poor.

As i was walking i discovered how African’s culture has a way of bring down a woman. In this village a woman isn’t suppose to interrupt when a man is talking, all she can say is “YES” that is, she has to accept whatever is being said, that being a sign of obedience and respect.

I met this woman carrying fire woods with a baby on her back climbing these mountains. That was just part of her daily activities. Her day had started long ago. All that these women focus was taking care of their family, waking up everyday and find a way to provide their family with a reason to smile and give them hope. They live in a difficult environment and they have to struggle everyday to make sure their family survives.

Despite their hardships, struggles and pain, they still smile when they meet a stranger on the way asking for directions and they gladly tell you how beautiful where the place is and what you should expect when you get there. They will smile and give a welcome hand although deep down their eyes you will see how tired they are but you will also see the hope of a strong Africa Woman.

We have every reason to say these women are the real Pure Black Rose, the hardships of the world does not hold them down instead they keep their heads up, look after their family and give them all the hope of life and success they can ever need.


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