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Pure Black Rose Rising Like A Phonex From The Ashes


Most of the time a lot of children found themselves caught in a strange predicament, and start blaming parents for their upbringing. It has happened quite often that even a father of a child turns on the left and starts blaming a mother hence leave her alone to raise the child that took two of them to make.

I believe on different environments in which a child is growing up, what do I mean by environments? Environment before birth, environment after birth at home and lastly the environment outside the four walls of your home.

In the realm of those 3 different environments, culture also plays a huge role. Since this is a Pure Black Rose article, I would like to talk about a single mother raising her child in the African, I am talking about rural Africa.

The 1st phase; the environment before birth is total darkness. A child in the womb all she sees is dark days, no food and clean water plus a mother walks mile and mile to fetch firewood that will help lit a fire. No proper diet no preliminary actions that will ensure a safe delivery of a child. But as they say God works in a mysterious way, a mother gives birth to a healthy baby named Pure Black Rose.

A rose is beautiful, a rose has thorn but pure black rose isn’t a curse, it’s a gift to her mother. A mother who has to strive to make sure the diet is maintained even though it’s still tough because no one is around to help her out but she still walks tough like no other. Remember no pampers to wrap a baby up no baby bottle for her to suck her milk, but life goes on and the days are counted, days are counted in terms of sunrise and sunset, and before the darkness knocks at the door, a kerosene lamp is already on because they still have hope for a better tomorrow and life is beautiful so there is no need in invest time in cursing darkness. As she wraps her beautiful daughter on a piece of Khanga, she kneels down and set a prayer and promises her daughter that she will do all for her.

Black Rose manages to enroll in school, as the days goes by she blossom into a beautiful powerful rose, a black rose that is respected by her peers because of her academics endeavors. She has realized education is all what she got and she will keep on doing that till she graduates and get a job that will take her mother out of slumps.

As life gets longer, awful feels softer, she managed to finish her school with straight A’s; an example to be followed by many. She was got scholarship to study B.A of Education, as it was her dream to become a teacher, a teacher that will help students realizing their true talents and help them to achieve their dream.

She had to leave her mother in the village, that was tough moment but they both managed to overcome as they knew all that happens, do happen for a reason. Before she hoped on a bus the mother told her “My daughter, you have made me proud. Now go and show them the true essence of a Pure Black Rose” she smiled, and that smile is what healing her world till this day.



One comment on “Pure Black Rose Rising Like A Phonex From The Ashes

  1. A Pure Black Rose shines across the distance, stands out in the crowd. That’s a very nice article that touches a life of a true African Mother, and the Pure Black Roses these African queens raise. Bravo.

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